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Vision & Aims

LAAT Vision Overview

Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust has adopted the Lincoln Diocesan vision for Church schools as its own vision. This underlines to all the strong family links between the two separate organisations and supports everyone in their understanding that diocesan schools within LAAT continue to be part of the diocesan family.

The need for pupils to actively engage in Excellence, Exploration and Encouragement underpin LAAT’s belief that all children need to flourish in a creative environment that allows them to become all that God intended.

In 2017 work was done with officers, directors and head teachers to develop an underpinning set of values and supporting expectations as well as an overarching set of principles.

The values reflect the LAAT vision as well as the national Church of England Vision for Education.

During 2018/19 the vision, values, principles and expectations will be shared in schools to become embedded in adult practice alongside the schools’ own vision and from there begin to contribute to the opportunities and experiences of our pupils:

Our Aims

We will:

  • Transform the chances of individual pupils
  • Use the collective strength within the Trust and other schools in the Diocese of Lincoln
  • Be fully inclusive to all
  • To support and develop all staff to be the best that they can be
  • Be sustainable through the expertise within the organisation, through partnership with our current good or better schools and external partners
  • Bring strength, motivation and purpose through the belief that every child should be enabled to be all that God intended
  • Be distinctive and unique in character relevant to the context